About Us

Sunday Morning Worship Service

What to expect

Sunday morning services start at 10:00am. This is a church filled with real people, with real lives, and real problems. No one displays a “holier than thou” attitude, the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. The greeters at the door offer a smile and a kind “hello”, the coffee is hot and the conversation is good. Pastor Terry is compassionate and has a great sense of humor. He preaches straight from the Word with no sugar coating. It’s honest and it’s life changing. The worship is amazing, it is contemporary and goes right after the heart of God. The message is simple – we are all on a journey and The Journey Assembly of God wants to help you find your path to Jesus and will support you along the way, nobody has to walk this road alone.

What we believe

We Believe:

  1. The Scriptures are Inspired by God
  2. There is One True God
  3. In the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ
  4. In the Salvation of Man through Jesus Christ
  5. In the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  6. In the Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  7. In the Sanctification of the Holy Spirit
  8. In the Church and it’s Mission
  9. In Water Baptism
  10. In Divine Healing
  11. In the Blessing Hope
  12. In the Final Judgement